Do You Want A Daily Action Plan that will Reduce Your Holiday Stress, Enable You to Enjoy all the Goodies the Season Brings Without Guilt and Still Lose Weight?

…The Amazing Thing Of Course Is How You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Foods and Still Lose Weight with the "No Guilt, No Gain Holidays Campaign"!  

Dear Busy Woman,  

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this time of year – every holiday tradition and celebration revolves around food and treats – the cookies, pies, desserts, special foods, office snacks and the list goes on…. Not to mention the holiday parties with the table full of luscious hors d’oeuvres! 

It's no wonder the average woman gains 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day but you don't need to be average this year!!!

If you want to ENJOY ALL YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY FOODS AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT (without feeling guilty), this might be the most important message you’ll read all year. Here’s why…  

Imagine how you'd feel if you could:

  • Delight in the Holiday Goodies Free of Guilt or Weight Gain
  • Enjoy the Holiday parties without any regrets the next day
  • Look incredible in your little party dress on New Year's Eve!

Well you can!!! It really can be easy with daily guidance in my new "No Guilt, No Gain Holidays Campaign". You will receive a quick new tip or trick delivered to you each day so you can eat your favorite Holiday Foods and NOT Gain Weight! Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing "No Guilt, No Gain Holidays Campaign": 

  • No Guilt, No Gain Holidays Daily Action Plan - guidance to help YOU reduce YOUR Holiday Stress and enable you to enjoy all the goodies the season brings without Guilt and Still Lose Weight! 
  • Your Holiday Daily Eating Plan - to lose weight on the days you aren't going to the parties! 
  • The Complete Party Planner - What to do before the party, during the party & after the party! - enjoy your favorite foods with no regrets!
  • Accountability Coach - Daily quick check-ins so you are not going it alone this holiday season!
  • Daily Tips & Tricks to Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Foods - Guilt Free!
  • 30 minute Planning Session with Cathy
  • No pills, supplements or extra items required - just eat the Foods you Love and Not Gain Weight!


Here's what Janie had to say:

Cathy approaches you as a whole person with only one simple change at a time. You’re never bombarded with a list of unattainable goals or rules to follow.  

As a matter of fact, you make your own rules! You literally can have your cake and eat it too with this simple, easy to follow program! You are never deprived and there is absolutely no guilt!

  I love this new way of thinking, of doing, of being free of feeling guilty over past failures. It is not a “diet” it is a seriously easy, obtainable lifestyle change.

For 14 years I offered this "No Guilt, No Gain Holidays Campaign" in my five women only fitness centers and women loved it! Not only were they able to enjoy their favorite Holiday Treats Guilt Free but they avoided any extra Holiday pounds. In fact most lost a few!

My mission is to continue to guide women through the anxiety the Holidays always bring and to give enlightenment that Diet is a Dirty Word!!!

You can break through that diet mindset during this Holiday Season and enjoy your favorite Holiday foods free of Guilt or Fear of Gaining Weight.

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